EA Promises to Improve in FIFA Ultimate Team Starting From FIFA

  • In an interview with Dream Team Gaming recently, EA SPORTS's main gameplay producer Sam Rivera promised to take steps to improve the shortcomings of FIFA 17. One of the biggest problems is the FIFA Ultimate Team's online connection, cheap fifa coins reviews which led to the game behind the game suddenly broke out. Rivera said there was a decision about putting the server around the world. "So what we are doing now is that a group of people are just dedicated to the connection, and they are trying to try to provide the best experience.


    “Obviously because of geographical reasons, it’s not easy but we are aware that some people are experiencing bad things – especially with competitive gaming.” EA producers also talked about the Nintendo Switch version, revealing that a large group of people are working on it and that the game will be very interesting and different. most reliable fifa coins sites FIFA Ultimate Team starts as an additional feature of the FIFA 09 version. The FUT allows players to build their own dream team and the function has undergone a series of major changes.


    EA also revealed that FIFA 18 will appear on Xbox 360 and PS3, but will not appear in the "Journey" mode and will be a 'gold' version that will be updated on the list. The game will run on Ignite, which is used since '16 version of the system. FIFA 18 will be released in September.


    FIFA 17 is a brilliant game in many ways, but still far from perfect. With the release of the game scheduled to come, cheat fifa coins.com FIFA 18 has produced a great buzz, and the revelation of an improved Ultimate Team will only make waiting for the game’s release more difficult.