Some Skills of FIFA 17 Free Kick

  • FIFA 17 compared to the previous one in the button has slight change, especially reflected in the free kick, today imfifa bring some skills to FIFA 17 free kick.

    First of all, we take a look at the ordinary free kick, the operation is very simple, B key & left joystick, LB key and LT key. Free kick generally the most common practice is to adjust the angle, according to the distance to hit the door. If it is near the top of the arc, the intensity can be one grid. This shot is generally able to cross the wall, if you want the ball flying out of the arc, you need to push the left joystick to make the ball to increase the arc.

    The most worthy of attention to the free kick is the intensity, the angle is second. In addition, the short distance of the free kick, goalkeeper is difficult to confiscate, so as soon as possible to launch the second offensive.

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