Be your own commander to follow your own commands

  • You can become your own commander very easily if you have someone like Provigil in your army to help you out. This is one drug that has emerged as the ideal comrade of people working with white collar jobs. 

    Now let’s figure out the battle lines first. As an average office worker the first challenge you face comes in the form of a sleep related disorder. It may be of minor nature it may be something major but it can strike you because of the stress and other conditions involved in it. 

    Here experts come in to your rescue with drugs like Provigil. We can describe this drug in their language very easily. Sleep related disorders like obstructive sleep Apnea or narcolepsy can be cured with the help of this drug. This is not a sleeping pill this is an alertness promoting drug that can help you when you feel drowse or low.

    As a common man you sometimes face these problems in your office schedule and here you can actually feel the heat of the drowsiness that can eclipse your performance a great deal. Here you can take the help of the Provigil. 

    How can Provigil help my Memory faculty and recall or what we term them as short term memory?

    Provigil has very quickly become a generic Modafinil drug because of the same quality. It has this certain action over your short term memory and it can help you in recall all the information faster. This is one simple thing that actually everybody was looking for and Provigil delivered it.

    If you want to understand that how it works then you need to remember some fundamentals that they taught you in the past.  Your brain actually reacts to your surroundings and gathers details.




    You process these details and conduct certain tasks. In return you end up accomplishing some tasks. When you get tired your brain starts reacting slowly to your environment and as a result the temp file of short term memories also starts functioning slow. Which results in a delayed response and you end up doing the same task in more time then allotted.

    The second thing is the vision or the focus involved in it. Provigil have this really good impact on your focus and it can help you perform along with this blessed state of focus where you can hear, see and feel things more precisely and react them with more command.

    So you become your own commander and figure out your own plan of action with the help of this drug Provigil very easily. You can feel that alertness of a real soldier in crisis situations. Even various armies in the world are suggesting this pill to their soldiers when they are on a mission.