FIFA 17 online defense mode

  • FIFA 17 online mode, many new players and other players in the fight against the time, there will often be a big score of the situation, the defense is useless, today I brought the article is the player to share the game in the basic defensive skills, Defensive not to force the players do not click to see.


    Online defense is always playing a stance of FIFA,top ps3 fifa coins seiten  online tutorials pile of heap, a variety of notes, it is estimated to see understand, their play is not too OK, the line is Wuji Zhang qualification.

    Personally just think that the strategy is a step under FIFA good defense, because with the defense, only to distinguish between the hands of high and low, the real situation can not hold a candle.günstige ps3 fifa 17 coins

    I said, Cock silk is easier to learn:

    First say that I set the key, or else the next explanation is not clear. Box: call teammate defense. R1: Acceleration. R2: Follow the offensive player. X key: intercept, under the foot, grab the shirt. L1 / L2 function unchanged.

    1、 The initial stage: you just skilled L1 switch defense the nearest person, L2 anti-human, R1 speed, hold down the X key pull kneading down, click the X key to intercept the foot, the other you do not have to be familiar with. Well, you can start.

    A  control the defense of the other side of the ball the nearest person, according to R1 rushed past, facing his body red, close to the press L2, hold down the X key is a while out. The other pass, according to L1 should be cut to the nearest defender, repeat the above steps. The above applies to the other half and near the circle. Passed this area won’t do that again.

    B  to the restricted area near, remember to control their own midfielder and side guard, even if the striker, do not move Center back, and this time you do not use the rocker cut people, so I cut you do not use, It is possible to cut the defender to interfere with AI walk. You control a, to speed up the past repeat a step in the defense, but remember to hold X, because in the restricted area you are sure to pull the other side of the penalty penalty, the area must be easy to point, try to hold down the L2 card him.

    C   some people say that I control sticky past, ran over, how can quasi-ah. This is no way to tell you, purely by their own, and we FIFA no automatic navigation function, the fact that there are :).

    More than 3 points I think the following D3, should be no problem.

    2、 Personally think that a little advanced point of the stage: In addition to the above said, you have to be familiar with the right rocker and L1 cut people, R2 follow the use of the attackers, box key call teammates defense, slowly accustomed to call teammates defense, Control their own people to steal the ball road.

    A   In the first point of the case, the other pass, do not worry according to L1 cut people, grace is to control their own people continue to follow the original passers will be a while, according to box defense, and then L1 cut in the past, Repeat the defense before that.

    B   The use of the right rocker, I personally used to do not want to move the nearest defender, let AI lose position, but cut to the farther people, so he continued to run to the defensive area, while the box hold down to help follow , And finally I control the formation of a defensive attack.

    C  To the vicinity of the restricted area, in addition to the preceding note, for some like in the sidewalk to do SM, I generally follow the R2, I am afraid I was shook the location, people directly into the go, I think R2 At least a little bit of navigation, so he was close to me and then press the L2 and the appropriate choice X key.


    The above is the cock feel more easy to learn the defensive way, and share to everyone. At least the current proficiency, I think in the D1 can survive, but also enough to give each other pressure.