FIFA 17: Why Cristiano Ronaldo Can Broke out at the End of the

  • Cristiano Ronaldo is still scoring, still playing a decisive role, he broke a variety of records, in the Champions League race wrote history. But Cristiano Ronaldo has changed, he played in the field near the middle of the way to play. fifa coin ranking His position on the field is more and more close to the location of the centre forward No.9, in fact, the club has long hoped that he adapt to this position. Cristiano Ronaldo can read his body signal, he gave up the idea of playing all the games and at the peak of the season to reach the peak state. Cristiano Ronaldo is in good shape, full of confidence. For Bayern's game, although he sprained his leg in the last minute of the game, the smile did not disappear after the start of the second half, which also reflected Cristiano Ronaldo's mental outlook. Cristiano Ronaldo now feels good. This is largely due to Zidane's plan for him. After the start of the season, Zidane let Cristiano Ronaldo play more easily, and this is not possible in the past few seasons.

    On the pitch, Cristiano Ronaldo is also unprecedented to move closer to the middle. He is more and more away from his left road where he has been kicked on for past eight years, he chose to play in the middle, buy fut coins trusted became pure No. 9. Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be subconsciously resisting this change, but for Bayern, Real Madrid can not give up 4 midfielder kick (at the beginning Bell is midfielder, and later Asuncion is also), which makes Cristiano Ronaldo inadvertently become a benchmark for the restricted area.

    This change has a positive side. Cristiano Ronaldo has been adapting, his football needs space to release the power and energy that are behind the opponents, but now he found himself can also be based on the needs of the team and the body to make adaptive adjustments. Playing on the No.9 or sharing the No.9 position with Benzema make him score two goals in Bayern Munich, and he became the first player who scores 100 goals in a European tournament.