FIFA 17: Real Madrid Won Over Real Betis with 2:1

  • Real Madrid in the home beat Real Betis with 2:1 thrillingly, to be the top one in the standings over Barcelona. Real Madrid coach Zidane accepted an interview and praised Real Madrid's performance. On the referee several controversial penalty, fifa 17 cheap reliable coins review Zidane said: "Nawas may be red card? I did not see the playback, I have nothing to say about this. I never participated in the referee topic. He completed his game, nothing more, and the referee made his own penalty. We worth three goals.”


    About the mistake of Nawas, Zidane said: "At the time of the intermission, I did not say anything to him, it's a part of football game, and it will make mistakes, just as everyone will do that." At the end of the game, Nawas saved us and helped us to keep third goals. I like all the players, always support Navas. "On this game, Zidane said: "If we scored two goals or three goals from the opening, I will be more relaxed, but we know that Real Madrid can score at any time.Today we are very patient, in a difficult time keep a clear mind, and finally pass through the storm. Finally, we rely on positioning the ball to win the victory, we are very strong in this respect, but I am also happy to see that we have scored in other ways, in the form of sports warfare.


    About result that Real Madrid ranked at the top one position, Zidane said: "When Real Madrid ranked at top one, this will annoy a lot of people, but this is normal.We are Real Madrid, and we may make a lot of people unhappy. Our response is very good, because we won three goals, we struggled to the last moment, but I was very happy and I would like to commend my players.