Main areas of training students in the United States


    In recent decades, foreign high school conducted an intensive search for efficient ways of intensive care of the most talented students. Providing training scientific elite is an important task, which is solved by the selection of students that can carry out research activities on the edge of their capabilities and talents of high scientific results based on an individualized approach to learning, early vocational guidance, the efficient continuous education.


    In the USA seeking to identify the most prepared and talented of the young and concentrate it into a small group of universities in order to focus the training of scientific, technical and other key personnel. Leading universities are primarily research universities, which prepare highly qualified specialists. A significant amount of scientific work, which involves students, is feature of such studies in universities.


    In the higher pedagogical education of the United States and Canada the most widely are used such types of students’ studying as self-research, a compilation of portfolio, writing ethnic autobiography, essays and reports without using paper writing services, creating projects, organizing authentic interviews and public presentations, the use of "case studies", work with "prepared questions "which generally provide systemic and systematic internalization expertise, reflexive and research skills of future professionals. This allows the student to rethink his own experience as a holistic integrative system.