Algorithm of the day for students



    When students want to make their studying time more effective, to prepare written tasks in time without help of paper writer, to succeed and have more free time, they should follow the algorithm of the day.

    At first, students should define their purpose in life in the coming years. They can take a pen and paper and write the following categories: education, life, relationship with other traits. At each one, they must write what they would have to change or improve in the future. Then young people should select the 5-6 most fundamental goals, to make a work plan for the implementation of selected prospects for this month, a week and a concrete plan for the next day.

    At second, students must analyze their usual routine. For several days, they can fill pattern mode day to understand what the bulk of their time is.

    At third, after coming from classes, students should distribute their affairs in order of importance and do this, beginning from those to be taken without delay. Students need to do it. It is desirable to make and follow their order execution. To set priorities is the basic rule of effectiveness.

    At fourth, students should make the best routine of his day, remembering the basic rule of planning time: 60:20:20: 60% - planned activities; 20% - unexpected activity; 20% - spontaneous activity.