Blenheim Palace



    Students from the United Kingdom should visit all the interesting places in this country. They often can use uk writing services to save more time and travel. One of the interesting places in the UK is Blenheim Palace. Blenheim Palace, built by the English in Baroque style is one of the best examples of world architecture of the beginning of the XVIII century. The history of the palace attributed to Queen Anne. Marlborough Its symmetric and simple forms can fascinatemany students.


    Blenheim Palace is best seen from the gate. Students will see a spectacular panorama. Spacious tape Royal Lake fits gently into the picturesque ancient park. The gardener made here velvet lawns and planted sprawling cedars of Lebanon. On the right studenys can see the elegance of the Big Stone Bridge.


    Students can have interesting journey through countless rooms of Blenheim Palace. It begins with a large hall. It is decorated with beautiful giant bubble .


    Also students can visit there a Long Library nicknamed so because it has a length of 55 meters. There is a marble statue of Queen Anne. There is the book collection of the ninth Duke. From here students can admire stunning views of openwork ponds with fountains and terraces, and go down the stairs to the Mirror Lake. Main parterre garden, which is 800 meters long.


    Students will enjoy visiting this palace.