Drug Abuse



    The use of drugs is common among college students. Influence among students has contributed to the increased substance abuse globally. Other reasons for drug use among college students include stress from both personal and family issues, academic challenges and the need to be accepted by colleagues. Substance abuse may affect the performance of students in different ways. It affects the performance of the brain thus slowing down the operations. A lot of time is used up in drug-related activities leaving little time for educations. The introduction of drug-related courses within a college help in regulating the use of drugs. They are asked to develop papers that highlight the main factors and solutions of substance abuse. Eassay best can be used to generate some ideas for the papers.


    The user also disconnects from the rest of the world and is often violent when he or she goes for a long time without the drug. The mentorship and motivational sessions held within the college enable the students to understand the short and long-term effects of drug abuse. It becomes easy to make decisions once the analysis of the effects is presented to the students. Victims of drug use have been sent to rehabilitation centers for recovery.