Preparing for college



    Schooling is one of thedifferent assets for the people who want to succeed in life. While in kindergarten and junior school; kids learn to work with close friends and shift their dependency from their parents to teachers. In middle school, children learn to work with larger groups as they prepare for high school education. In high school, students are expected to be more mature and independent. They should be able to use their time well and work out things on their own. These changes that students experience during this timeare meant to prepare students for college life and working for


    However, college preparation starts mostly in high school when students start taking placements tests and are expected to develop smart study habits as well as, take advice from their teachers before joining college. Students are scheduled to write admission essay to determine their fitness for the applied courses. To prepare for this, students need information by looking at reviews, to ensure that the pieces they come up with make them stand out from the rest of applicants. Students also need guidance from college counselors to gather useful information on the admission process, majors, and minors as well as, help students manage their finances while in college.