They survived both times

  • Fifa 17 Coins They survived both times, somehow, and here they are. In the MLS Thunderdome. Godspeed.The Impact's media team is fantastic, and they've been hard at work documenting the team's improbable run through the tournament. You can see one of those beauties here. Will the Impact win tonight? Almost certainly not. But given this tournament, anything's possible. Even at the Azteca.|||The continuing saga of how the Impact are somehow squirreling their way to the CONCACAF Champions League final is one of the most bizarre stories of the tournament's history.

    The Impact were terrible last year, and they haven't won any of their first three MLS games of the season. And yet they managed to survive and advance again this week. A 4-2 loss to Alajuelense wasn't enough to overturn the away goals they scored, and they're now just the second MLS club to ever even make it this far. RSL couldn't finish the job in 2011. The Impact somehow can.This tremendous video is as good a look you'll get at the experience of playing on the road in the CCL. It starts with the players being warned about not making eye contact with opposing fans. That should be all the enticement you need.|||It happened again.

    The Impact won another Fifa Coins match.After brushing aside pachuca in the quarters thanks to the Thrust Heard ‘Round The World (and a goal or something from rookie Cameron Porter), the Impact smashed Alajuelense 2-0 at home on Wednesday night in the first leg of the semifinals. It should've been even more. As you'll notice from the highlights, Montreal wasted a couple prime opportunities to make it 3-0 (or even 4-0) and put the tie to sleep. Because the Impact still have to play in Costa Rica. And nobody wants to play in Costa Rica. It's the MLS/USMNT Thunderdome.Perhaps the most bizarre thing about all this is that the Impact gave absolutely no indication they'd be even half this good in a spot where MLS teams have been historically terrible.