5 tips to improve your memory

  • We all want to lead a good and healthy life. We can’t stop the process of ageing. As we grow older, most of us feel that we keep forgetting events and incidents of our lives.  Do you also keep forgetting things every now and then? Want to have better memory? Well follow these tips to improve your memory and cognition:

    Eat well
    Eat what is good for your brain. This would mean eating more of vegetables and less of sugar. Seasonal colourful vegetables would facilitate production of new brain cells. Increase you intake of foods that have omega 3 fatty acids. Eating coconut oil once in a while will also improve your overall brain health.

    Exercise and stay active
    Regular exercising will improve your blood flow into all your body parts including your brain. Physical exercises would keep your brain sharp. Another advantage of physical exercises is to destress your body as well as your brain. Exercising would improve levels of oxygen in the brain and also stimulate connections of new neurons in the brain. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. If you can’t join a gym, go for long walks. Walk at least for 15 minutes in a day. This will definitely help you now and even in the later years of your life.

    Play some brain games, keep learning
    Your brain needs to indulge into some activity which keeps it going. According to research, playing some mind games will help in improving brain quality which is good for long term sustenance. According to studies, our brain needs to process adequate information and requires new challenges. Such an act of thinking will allow the brain to improve memory as well as cognitive functioning.
    The act of learning also keeps the brain occupied. The brain keeps working even as you are growing older. If not a course, try learning a language, keep reading or writing articles. Keep your brain occupied.

    Manage stress, sleep well, and meditate when you feel your head needs a break
    Do not over exert yourself. If you feel like taking a break as you go on working, practise meditation. Do some deep breathing exercises. Do not multi task if you are occupied with too much of work. Remember that chronic stress can shrink or kill your healthy brain cells. Hence avoid doing so. According to various studies, chronic stress can cause severe dementia in the long run. Hence avoid taking chronic stress.

    You need vitamin d for your brain
    Vitamin d the sunshine vitamin is required for your brain as well as body. There are not many food sources of Vitamin D and hence your body needs to get exposed to the sun.  The vitamin D receptors facilitate growth of nerves in your brain. Exposure to the sun for vitamin d ensures that our brain functioning does not become inefficient.  One can also take supplements of Vitamin D if need be.

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