FIFA 17 Gameplay Analysis About Player Position

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    Dave: Hey guys, I thought you'd find this interesting. We've pulled apart the gameplay segments from the recent trailers and taken a look specifically at player positioning. Which as you can see, is ummm, a bit of a mess.

    Tommyle: I agree this is all pretty concerning, but I find it interesting that this might just be part of how FIFA has to be built.

    I mean, we're trying to jam a 90 minute, complex game into a 15 minute simulation. When FIFA 16 first came out, the realism level was high in terms of defensive marking, and every game seemed to end 0-0 or 1-0. People were furious.

    Defensive lapses lead to goals in real life, and those lapses likely have to be bigger and more frequent to create an exciting video game.

    Nerf: Good offense should be what beats good defense. FIFA 16 also had terrible offensive AI so it didnt balance out. After they nerfed pace and through balls, there was no cheap way to get around defenders so you had to rely on team play to win. The catch was that the team play sucked.

    Dirblus: Neh. I think this is completely relative, like all of these opinions about FIFA.

    While some people think defense sucks or offense sucks, there are always someone out there who can make use of it and find it perfectly functioning.

    People are talking about their personal opinions of cheap fifa 17 coins like they're facts...

    Nerf: Sure you can learn how the AI works in all situations and learn how to utilize it in the best way but so much of that is counter intuitive. Just by watching the game you can spot glaring inconsistencies between the way players behave in FIFA as opposed to real life. The player has to learn these inconsistencies before he/she can utilize them to their benefit. That isn't opinion, that is fact.

    Dirblus: Well, I respectfully disagree. But thats ok.

    That isn't opinion, that is fact.

    Sure man, sure.

    Furderhur: Exactly. The slower pacing of the game and the more "sluggishness" of players totally kills any faster playstyle that you might need to beat high pessing defenses, I find myself trying stuff like faster passing a lot and my players either cant control it or miss the ball altogether.

    I understand that a lot of people like the new direction fifa has taken since fifa 14 > but I think they are more and more suiting the game to a cetain playstyle, when before you could play with numerous.

    And thats not even mentioning the fact keepers come out for good through balls now, something they didnt before.

    Its basically giving people a free pass to correct a lack luster defending or a lapse of concentration. YOU should be the one to make the decision of when your keeper comes out, not the ai.

    Its ridiculous.

    Nerf: Yea I noticed that the keeper AI only comes out when its 100% sure it can make it but it literally comes down to the keeper grabbing the buy fifa 17 coins as the striker is making contact. It shouldn't be that perfect every time. There needs to be more player controlled risk/reward. Also, how in blue blazes to the keepers catch and hold on to laser shots fired from 3 yards away? It takes talent to get the ball in close to goal like that but when the keeper catches those easier than balls fired from 25 yards, the reward of making those great in the box plays is zilch.