Consider Your Neighbor

  • Someone once stated that man is not an island. In college, a student cannot go it alone. Even if you are proficient in paper writing, for example, you cannot be successful if there is no one to appreciate and read your work. Suffice to say; a student can never go a long way all by him or herself in college.


    It’s been seen that a person usually advances much better and faster when he or she has the assistance of other people. In college try to seek out other students that have a purpose and goal similar to the one that you have. Once you find such a student, you then should work out ways in which to help each other. This is what CA resume centre recommends. A student should also make an effort to learn and work through his or her mentors. Make an attempt at finding your mentors and telling them the reason as to why you admire them. Successful individuals will rarely feel threatened by another person’s enthusiasm for success, especially if that person is a college student.


    If you sincerely ask for help from those around you, you will more often than not be rewarded with positive offers. Make use of the wide array of talents and different personalities around you.