GZ Modular Clean Room accredit us to accommodate

  • The acquaintance acquired over the years in the GZ Modular Clean Room accredit us to accommodate the best and widest array of solutions, depending on chump and needs.

    One aspect that sets afar is the connected abstruse accession in this field. This is all apprenticed by a aggregation of able professionals adherent to the enhancement of the absolute arrangement (resources, spaces, equipment, activity costs)

    Telstar's aesthetics is 'quality aloft aggregate else', which is why our installations accede with accustomed all-embracing standards, accouterment the chump with a modern, calmly managed, safe installation.

    H&T Presspart specialises in bespoke, concept-to-completion, metal and artificial biologic accession apparatus and accessories that advice biologic companies bear drugs of the present and future. H&T Presspart consistently studies, refines and optimises its processes to ensure optimum superior and achievement for its customers.

    H&T Presspart has over 35 years’ acquaintance in bartering metal metered dosage inhaler (MDI) canisters and valve components, artificial actuators and new biologic accession devices.

    Part of the Heitkamp & Thumann Accession headquartered in Duesseldorf, H&T Presspart has a all-around attendance bartering barter in all bounded regions. We accession a lot of of the aloft biologic companies and we accept a cogent attendance with the newer Asian biologic companies.

    H&T Presspart maintains its position at the beginning of the biologic bazaar through connected abstruse development and an avant-garde approach. One of our a lot of cogent advancements is beat new can solutions for the MDI industry as it moves from CFC to HFA propellants. As a aftereffect we accept the better ambit of MDI solutions for HFA formulations and a abundance of acquaintance in room barter accomplish the appropriate decisions at the ancient time. We are the better supplier of internally coated MDI cans in the world.

    Most of the world’s arch biologic companies accept H&T Presspart because we have:

    Industry arch experience

    Largest ambit of products

    In-house blanket capability

    CGMP adjustable operations

    Class 10,000 able GZ Clean room packing

    The level of the area will dictate the appropriate apparel. For instance, some China Clean Room will only require specific types of shoes or shoes covers. However, most areas such as this do require clean room garments such as lab coats or full body coveralls.