Each stadium now feels alive

  • Each stadium now feels alive, with a more varied crowd that reacts naturally and dynamically during each match of buy cheap fifa coins, facing flags and jumping to their feet when you score a goal. The players themselves are more easily recognised thanks to an increased level of detail, and although there are still a fair few glazed expressions in each squad, pre-match line-ups aren't quite the rows of shop window mannequins seen in previous FIFA titles.

    The reason for the increased pace in FIFA 14 is a greater sense of control when sprinting - whereas previous games saw players run in a predictable pattern, you can shift direction rapidly while keeping hold of the ball. There are far more contextual passes, shots and volleys now too, which means there's much more variety in how the ball reaches the back of the net. You won't feel the need to skip the instant replay quite so often on the Xbox One, as each goal feels unique.

    The effort EA has gone into with the next gen versions is interesting because the biggest problem with the current gen version fifa 17 coins is how little it really advanced the series. Not that it didn’t make improvements, but whether for inspirational or technological reasons there was no big new idea to make it a must buy. First touch, shooting, and dribbling were all revamped, but although the end result definitely feels different to FIFA 13 it’s arguable whether it’s actively better.

    Going forward, apart from the issues needing correction listed above, it would be cool if the career mode continued to evolve; using FUT 14’s chemistry system and expanding your international manager duties to include player communication/morale and the ability to set up your own friendlies. I’d also like to be able to hire more staff for my club, like physicians to help keep my players avoid cheap fifa 17 coins injuries and bounce back quicker when they have them.