more varied crowd during each match of FIFA 14

  • The rhythm of games is a highly enjoyable product of the new features, and makes for some much more tense encounters. The new authentic crowd songs in ultimate team coins create spine-tingling atmosphere, which was particularly evident when we went 1-0 up with Liverpool. With wind in the player's sails and You'll Never Walk Alone reverberating in the stadium they surged forward against wilting opposition. However, with the FIFA 14 crowd on your back you receive the same treatment. It makes for absorbing action, with an added dimension to the previous outing. Off the pitch, things could have been equally clogged in FIFA 14 if not for revitalised Windows 8-style menus that cleanly whizz you through skill games (navigate imposing gauntlets of yellow plastic men and knock down evil towers of cardboard boxes), a creation centre (create and share custom players, teams and tournaments) and market (buy vintage kits, virtual pro boosts and cocky celebrations with FIFA 14 coins earned online).

    This Frankenstein's monster of a feature in FIFA 14 is called 'Precision Movement', and the idea is that the more intricate animations in FIFA 14 make for a deeper game where every step counts. This is true to an extent, but the effect it has on the game's enjoyability depends on where on the pitch you happen to be. It's the midfield battles that suffer the most; leggy animations affect player stride and their ability to change directions smoothly, and give games a stop-start kind of flow. The stadium environment in coins fifa has also been improved thanks to the introduction of 3D crowds. We’ve had to put up with the lifeless looking supporters in the stands for a long time and while there’s no risk of a pitch invasion or coins being thrown onto the pitch, the crowd atomsphere has a much more ‘broadcast’ feel to it. Supporters now react to action on the pitch. If one of your players is hacked down, fans will roar with disapproval at the clumsy tackle. If you are 5-0 up, they will be in good voice.