Cellulite is Just Like Normal Body Fat

  • Cellulite is the lumpy flesh that is on the thighs, butts, and abdomen.

    Having cellulite is not a medical condition.  However people may get conscious as it may not look to be very pleasing in appearance.

    It does not necessarily mean that you are overweight. Even thin people have cellulite. Overweight people who have cellulite can get rid of it by losing weight. The existence of such a trouble is less noticeable in people who have darker complexion.

    If you have cellulite, your skin may show the following symptoms:

    Bumpy skin

    Lumpy flesh like dimpled skin

    Texture of orange peels or cottage cheese

    As of cellulite is supposed to be normal. Some people may want to take treatment for the same as it may look ugly in appearance.

    What is the cause of cellulite?                   

    The following factors influence the occurrence and existence of cellulite:

    Slow metabolism

    Dehydration total body fat


    Changes in Hormones

    Poor diet

    Colour of your skin

    What are the risk factors for cellulite?

    The following are the risk factors for cellulite:

    Your age

    Your gender, i.e. being a woman increases your chances of having cellulite

    Your genes may also play a role 


    Inactivity for a long period of time

    How can the trouble of cellulite be treated?

    Cellulite can be treated by:

    Liposuction through laser

    This involves use of a narrow tube under the skin. By using suction, the fat cells are removed. However sometimes liposuction may not really help. It may make the cellulite affected area look even uglier. Hence use of laser effected liposuction may work to get rid of such a trouble.

    Weight loss

    Weight loss can help in making the cellulite less visible.

    Use of certain creams

    Topical cream like retinol can help in improving the skin texture. This may take a period of six months.

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