Experience live -“The Magic of the Beatles”!!

  • Being an admirer of the most celebrated music band “The Magic of the Beatles” is nothing new. In fact, it is hard to find people who are not awestruck by their live performances and especially the magic that they created with their albums ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Revolver’ way back in 1966.

    The Hippodrome casino in London has stepped ahead for creating the magic once again by celebrating the Golden anniversary of ‘Yesterday’ with the “The Magic of the Beatles” band themselves. If you wish to be a part of this most amazing re-creation then you can soon book your tickets in the most happening cocktail bars in West End, London.

    There will be many things that you will not wish to give a miss, be it fantastic clothes (costumes), excellent vocals, and awesome music all together at one place. So, if you are a big fan and want to witness the re-creation of the magic again, it’s time to book the tickets as soon as possible in order to give yourself a treat.