The Bigger Person

  • She walked into the room with her head held high, cat walking like she owned the place. The rage I felt towards her cannot be described in this context. It might take the whole page. I decided to avoid throwing a tantrum. I took the earphones that I had attached to my personal computer and continued listening to my music. I told myself that as long as she was out of sight and hearing range, she would also be out of mind. I made sure I watched a comedy so that my funny bone could receive a few tickles so that my anger could recede. It would instantly be reflected in my final academic marks. I hired the professional online academic writing companies in Australia to assist me with writing the documents.


    I kept asking myself, how she could have the decency to walk into my place of work without any shame. I knew that if I got angry, I would get fired, and I would not be able to finish my internship. I also feared that I would receive a bad recommendation if I displayed undesired behavior. I told myself that the best I could do was to be patient. Her brother also worked in the same office as I, and therefore there was nothing I could do, to make my betraying former friend to leave the office.