FUT 15 Man of the Match Orange Card

  • EA has release three orange cards of fifa 17 coins Man of the Match. As you can see, these three cards is more attractive than last time. Now, the Orange card of Thibaut Courtois would be your hard core in the team.

    Thibaut Courtois, was born in Belgium - Bray on 1992. When he was 8-year-old, he began to join the football team, he rapidly progress in adolescence. At the16 years old age, he completed a league debut, since then he becomes the genius goalkeeper in Belgium and many clubs regarded him as a successor of Petr Cech's .

    In the The Premier League, Chelsea encounter the Liverpool. The performance of whole Liverpool are much better than Chelsea. To face the 26 attacking shots, Courtois didn’t panic, he keep calm has 5 times magic to hold on the goal of Chelsea which proves he would be the best goalkeeper in the future. Finally, Chelsea scored 2-1 to eliminate Liverpool, enter the finals.Now avaliable for 24 hours from 12 a.m. UK,time to buy fut 17 coins to open packs!

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