Evolution Soccer consistently trumps FIFA in key areas.

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    Though EA Sports has almost monopolized the online soccer gaming market, Pro Evolution Soccer consistently trumps fifa 17 coins in key areas. With the upcoming Euro 2016 only weeks away, Konami has utilized key licenses to offer a brand new Euro 2016 game this coming summer.

    We have come to learn that Gareth Bale is the cover star for the Euro 2016 edition of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. That much we already knew, but now we get to see the Welsh forward doing his famous heart celebration on the front cover. The game will be released at retail for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on April 21, and it contains the full version of PES 2016 along with the content connected to the tournament taking this place summer.

    Those that have the base game (on Xbox One and PC too) will already have the Euro content as it was released recently as a free download.

    This is a far cry from FIFA fans globally, who are consistently snubbed, due to the lack of UEFA licenses. To date, EA has done little to remedy this issue, so will fifa 17 ps4 coins be switching to PES this summer?

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