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    With green limbs, you'll have to start small. Very small. What we're going to do is create a very small flame with dead material laying around. Then we'll build up the flame with green material, slowly growing the flame. Here's how it works.

    Find thin dry tinder. Old leaves and thin twigs will work. Gather as much dead material nearby as you can. If possible get the sticky stuff like pines, firs, spruce and needle bearing trees. They have sap or pitch in their wood. This is highly flammable material. Now it's time to put them in a pile. Once the pile is created move onto the next step. A Teepee.

    1) Motorized Decoilers:

    Motorized units are advised to sustain abundant loads. The apparatus is acclimated for synchronization with wire or band feeders. Sync enables the apparatus to alpha unwinding as continued as the burning of the apparatus is in process, blow of the time the accessory is ideal. The aperture are hydraulic operated and can be broadcast manually if needed. Mechanical brakes accommodate for bland animate of the press.

    2) Bunched Decoiler:

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